fRiEnDs <3

fRiEnDs <3

I recently happened upon this pic whilst perusing a southern photogs’ blog. It is such a sweet reminder of what bridal parties are ALL about…friendship, togetherness and support! I have enjoyed every minute of the friendships I have had the … Continue reading

Style Comparison

Visiting my mom this weekend, we stumbled upon one of the magazines she used back in the early 80’s to plan her wedding to my father! She pointed to an ad for the gowns she selected for her maids in a shade of perfect peach! Low and behold, her bridesmaids wore Bill Levkoff dresses…who knew one of our most versatile bridesmaid’s designers was around WAY back then 😉 (sorry mom)! Thought you all might like a little maid’s style comparison “now and then”. What a difference 30+ years makes! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

spring is in the air…

This spring leos gals are turning over a new leaf; we’re going to become super serious bloggers 🙂 There’s so much fun and excitement taking place inside our boutique, you just HAVE to hear about it!!! To get things started right, we thought we would show you what spring is all about at leos boutique…GOWNS THAT ARE GORG! In fact, we have soooo many fabulous pieces slated to arrive on our racks any day, that we have decided to dedicate a weekly post to featuring them! Stay tuned, our first featured frock has been all over pinterest, and soon it will be all OURS!!!