Which way would you wear it?

Today’s feature boasts one of our newest designers, Donna Morgan, and her fabulous convertible dress, the Blaire. The Blaire is a short sweet style that can work for every bridesmaid in her own way, and can totally be worn again! And we’re not just saying that! The dress has additional chiffon panels both in front and back can be tied in seven different ways to give each bridesmaid a unique look.  In the look below, the Blaire is shown in the cheerful Lemonade color, just one of the 18 available colors, with a few of the different strap options.

Donna Morgan Blaire

For more information on this and other Donna Morgan styles, visit her site here.

The addition of the Blaire to Donna Morgan’s line gives brides the option to create a more traditional, uniform look throughout her party, or to let each bridesmaid mix it up and wear the straps in whichever way she is the most comfortable! Worn strapless, halter, one shoulder, v-neck or capped sleeves you can’t go wrong with this adorable dress!


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